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Time to change the way you shop online - featuring Modestreet Fashion

The wise Miss Carrie Bradshaw once said - "I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” And trust me there's nothing I have related to more than this. I mean what else is happiness if not in touching the fabric of a brand new dress or getting a whiff of those damn gorgeous new heels? Come pay day and all I can think of is to hop on to my favourite online shopping websites and splurge. I mean they are the best, right? They have drool worthy collection of hundreds and thousands of shoes and clothes of every type, which is very rare in retails shops. But the biggest concern I have when shopping online is the fitting. I mean not all of us stand tall at 5’8” with a 32” bust and 26” waist. Right?

But, what if I told you, this is not just a dream. Well, a group of very genius minds came up with exactly the same thought we have had for years and turned our dreams into a reality. Presenting *drum rolls please* Modestreet Fashion, the ultimate game changer we needed in e-com websites.

Modestreet Internet Pvt. Ltd.(link) is an upcoming online e-commerce website incorporated in 2017. Founded by two ex-NITians Abhitosh Yadav and Rohit Chhabra and later co-promoted by a Chartered Accountant Anshika Aggarwal, the company strives to incorporate innovative ideas and change the way people look at online shopping.Modestreet Fashion is a unique, first of its kind, online platform which will seamlessly integrate cross-platform fashion savvy social networking, multi-channel fashion shopping, and intuitive augmented reality for a timeless shopping experience. It is a community driven platform for fashion consumers, which will give a personalised experience of browsing, discovery, and shopping to the user.

What is the best part of going shopping? It’s not just the feel of the new clothes  but also the joy of sharing your shopping experience and time with your friends and family, whose opinion matters the most. While you try on those new jeans which you think makes you look fat but your friends might think, it looks perfect! And just for that, you will end up buying those jeans. It is that sense of adventure, fun and the unexpected experience of shopping that makes us try on different things and feel different every time. That is exactly what Modestreet  brings to the table; a wholesome enriching adventurous shopping experience.

With revolutionary technologies like Virtual Fitting Room and Multi-Channel retail, we can not only discover and shop from a wide range of products, but also get a preview of how the products will look on us with a personalised avatar. Not only that but We can even shortlist items and add them to our closet that we wish to buy in future, maybe when the price drops. We can even plan our looks by adding items from our shortlist page and/or items from what we already own. It lets you try the look, save it for future references in your virtual closet and lets you share your shopped look with your friends and family for their opinion.  What more, we can also get outfit inspirations from some very amazing fashionistas featured on their Fashion feed.

Well, I definitely cannot wait for the website to go live and start shopping already.I am pretty sure you must be equally excited to come aboard.But while you wait, you can visit their website , look for fashion inspiration on fashion feed or get a brief idea about the platform.You can watch this explainer video for a better understanding.

We, from 50 shades of vogue and all it’s readers wish Modestreet Fashion all the very best.We can't wait to see you become our favourite fashion hub very soon.



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