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Hey there!

It feels great to be back.Its been crazy these past couple of days.Lots of changes to be more specific.I got a new haircut and highlights for example.I wanted to do it for so long.Just could not muster up the courage to go so short.But one day I was like - eh! It's just will grow back.I want it short and I want it now.And I went over to the salon at 9:30 at night and got them chopped off.
I have started working out again.I don't know if you guys noticed but I lost a lot of weight this year.Not that I was overweight but I felt the need for it.However, for almost two months I hadn't worked out.And before I gained it all back, I decided it was time to work my ass off again.
The third and the most important change in my life in the recent past has to be my relationship.So Sumit( you guys probably know him if you've been following me on instagram) switched jobs and we're now doing the long distance thing.It's been two weeks and boy! Is it hard.I have never been a fan of LDR.Sucks, I tell you.

Anyway, so that's everything that's been going on with me.Oh and did I ever mention how much I despise monsoon? Only a hundred times 😛.I mean I know how important it is for the crops and stuff but holy crap it's ugly.Yeah yeah I know all about the super green and fresh looking trees.I have seen them too.But if you please shift your eyes to the dirty logged potholes, you're gonna share the dislike with me.Honestly, how many trees do you find in the cities anyway?And the timing.ughh! The timing they(the rain gods duh!) find it convenient to make it rain.How difficult it is for the heavens to pour at night? But no, it has to be exactly when you're leaving the house for a very important work.You’re all set to go, wearing freshly washed and dried clothes and that's when the sky downpours in all its wet glory.So annoying 😑

Have I been ranting too much?Yeah you see what the weather can do,right? Please excuse me.Keeping all my rants apart, it's time to have a look at my outfit today.

So I wore a striped one shoulder top with this super cute skort(that's what you call them.Shorts that also look like skirts.Skirts+shorts=Skorts.Get it?Get it?).Fun fact- this isn't exactly a top.Its a dress disguised as a top.i have then accessorised the outfit with nude block heels,fringe earrings and those super cool shades.Take a look at the pictures and let me know your views about this one.

That's all for today folks.I will be back super soon.Till then, keep loving me.
Much love,
Ritu 💋


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