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Darker than black

Hey there,

it's been a long week.I am so glad that the weekends are finally here.I was supposed to post this look last week but the rains totally spoiled my shoot day last Sunday.And so I saved this one for this week.I really hope it doesn't rain this weekend.😣

Hey remember how in the beginning of this year,I resolved to eat healthy and workout more?Well, I won't say I have been eating healthy everyday for 6 months or even worked out everyday.But I definitely have changed my eating habits to a great extent.I used to eat pizza like my life depended on it.I basically lived on junk food.Not proud.I weighed 53 kgs last year.For a tiny person like me( I am 153 cms tall) , 53 kgs are a lot.But what I am proud of now is that I changed my lifestyle for good.

I am not someone who body shames people.But I really think one should live a healthy lifestyle.But again, it's your body so it's your choice what you want to feed it.I wanted this change in me and so I did.I now weigh 47 kgs and feel way better, mentally and physically.Yes I have my cravings.Yes I still indulge in cheesecake and pizza occassionally but on all other days I make sure that I eat clean and workout 6 days a week.

If you too have been a crappy eater like I used to be, I hope this post inspires you to switch to a healthy lifestyle.But at the end of the day, you have to want it for yourself.Inspire is all I can do.We have a long life to live and we can't exchange bodies.We have to stick with this one as long as we live.Why not make it a healthier one.

Start today,start now. And six months from now, you will thank yourself for this.Believe me.

For now, let's have a look at today's outfit.I created this all black grunge/semi gothic look.Someone once pointed out that I wear too much black.You see I really try to shop for more colours but I always end up buying black.I don't know, I guess I really like everything black.But I am trying to add more colours to my wardrobe soon.😬No seriously,I have promised myself not to buy anything in black anymore.For now,have a look at the pictures for today's outfit.

That's all for today.I will be back super soon.Till then, keep loving me.


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