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What's the hottest Spring Summer trend this year?No prizes for guessing- the sheer and mesh.Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 50 years, I am pretty sure you have seen Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner,Beyonce,Rihanna and every other celebs rock the naked dress like a pro.But who are we kidding,right? I mean even the thought of baring it all for the sake of fashion sends chills down our spine.Fret not you mere mortals 😁 there are enough ways to go sheer without giving a heart attack to your mommies.

Hi everyone,
I am back with another outfit post.And today we're gonna talk about the hottest,sexiest,but also surprisingly the very elegant Sheer and mesh trend.Before I enlighten you on the various ways of actually wearing the trend, have a look at the outfit of the day today.

I have styled my mesh bodysuit(yup it's a bodysuit) with a camisole underneath, paired with high waist trousers and block heels.I have accessorised this outfit with a baker boy cap (another huge trend this year), and super chic shades.Easy to put together, no brainer, I am happy with how this look turned out to be.

A lot of you have asked me where I got the top and the shades from when I put up a picture on Instagram(Click here to follow if you aren't yet).
The mesh bodysuit is from Benoit and you can get the shades I am wearing(and more equally chic ones) from Romwe and Shein .

Let's get back to the discussion.So how do you wear sheer without looking naked?

with a spaghetti strap top/camisole

Easiest one.Layer it with a spaghetti strap top.And yes you can opt for wearing the sheer underneath or over.
image source

Mesh tights with cutout jeans

Want a edgy grunge look? Wear fishnet tights inside your distressed jeans.You can also find embellished fishnet tights online.Experiment.

Mesh socks

Still not convinced?Still a tad too much skin show?Try mesh socks.Uber cool and so high fashion.

Sheer sleeves and necklines

Well you know what? You dont have to go full fledged nude with sheer.It is a very feminine and delicate fabric and you can always find tops or dresses with see through sleeves and necklines.Or go a little bold with sheer back.Enhance your best features.

Sheer coverup

You can always wear a sheer shrug everyday or a sheer coverup for the beach.

Balance sheer with heavy fabric or embroidery

Sheer tops with heavy ruffles or large embroidery balance out the whole look and you can feel a lot comfortable carrying them.

See there are so many ways you can rock the hottest trend of the year.Find out what works for you and what doesn't.It's always the comfort that makes a difference.Wear what you are comfortable in, not what Kendall Jenner wore to cannes.

Let me know how you liked this post and how you wear the sheer and mesh trend.I will be back soon.Much love,
Ritu 💋


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