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Dressed to Impress

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

Why do I say so?Well, because it is practically impossible to be in a bad mood when your outfit screams perfection.A good outfit has the power to lift up your mood in a matter of seconds and give you oodles of confidence.Have you noticed how amazing you feel when someone compliments you?Well, dressing impeccably does the same thing.When you are well dressed, you have this amazing feeling that you are ready to take on this world, come what may.Plus all the compliments you get makes it even better.

So the next time you are feeling low but you need to get your ass down to business and get shit done, remember the power of fashion.It works like a charm.

I hope that was enough motivation for today?Please pardon my irregular posts.I promise to get things back on track super soon.For now, check out what I am wearing.

p.s. Check out my uber cool glasses.😃 That's my favourite part of the outfit today.It breaks the monotony of an all black outfit.

Okay so I am wearing a black crop top with black high waisted trousers and black ankle boots.Because gold accessories go best with black, I have completed the look with golden earrings, a black and golden watch and red shades which also have hints of gold in it.I have skipped my usual red lipstick today and instead opted for nude lips.Red is a colour where less is always more.If you overdo red, it instantly makes you look trashy.So for today's look I let my shades rule and kept the lips subtle.

That's all for today folks.Untill next time,


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