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'Crop' it like it's HOT

Hi there,
How have you been?Summer heat really getting you huh?Yeah I feel you.Hailing from North India,I definitely know what a bitch Summers can be.Isn’t it ironic how me,someone named Ritu, actually hates almost all the possible seasons there ever has been(Ritu means season,duh!)? I hate the summers, I just cannot wait for winters to get over and let's not even talk about monsoons.They are the biggest bitch.EVER.Please don't tell me how important rain is for the crops.We all know that.We also know how maths and physics are important but end up hating those anyway.So to sum up,every season out there is a bitch.Except for maybe Spring.I love Spring.But then again it comes one day and before you can bat your eyelids,whoosh! Gone.Seriously weather Gods,your weather department sucks!

Anyway,that was me blabbering.That’s all you can expect from me in a May afternoon.Now before you decide to unfollow such an ungrateful, dis functioning, mean,mean girl let's quickly jump to today's outfit pictures.Please love me 🐰

Okay so I am wearing an asymmetrical skirt with a black crop top and white shoes.Yup I got another pair of white shoes.tee hee 😁😁 .Oh and don't miss out those round glasses.The Potterhead me wanted these harry Potter glasses since the longest time.Why am I so obsessed with everything Harry Potter?
If you guys like what I am wearing you can buy similar pieces on Romwe and Shein.Now check out the rest of the pictures.

Oh and just to be honest with you, I didn't drink this pretty pink milkshake.Not a drop.I am trying to eat healthy for a month now and anything that tastes sweet or is loaded with carbs is not allowed on my plate anymore.

That's all for today folks.I hope you like my outfit.Keep loving me.I will be back again super soon.


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