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Bohemian Rhapsody

caramel macchiato flavoured coffee with mint cigarette flavoured kisses with your dreamboat lover is the quintessence of what i call "perfection".  if there was a way to describe the way your lips feel against mine, i could only describe it as "cigarettes and coffee".  -frankie crognale

Hi you guys,
How have you been?I am back again with another outfit post and it's all about the nomad life.I love  the entire vibe of everything boho.Antique jewellery,flowy fabrics,wind in hair, it's all so perfect.
My outfit today is inspired from the coolest people ever-the bohemians.If you too are a huge fan of boho looks,I really hope you love what I am wearing.Take a look.

Pardon the not so great pictures this time.It was a really windy and dark day followed by thunderstorm.Though Arup(that's the man behind the camera) did the best he could to get a few decent shots.
I really hope you like my outfit here.Let me know what you think.I will be back again super soon.
Until next time,


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