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Trend Alert 2018

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We're already one month into 2018 and its high time we did a recheck of what's in and out of fashion this year.So I observed what the biggest fashionistas are wearing and compiled a list of the most sought out trends that I believe will rule this year.And in case you are someone who likes to keep their wardrobe up to date with the latest trends, you may find this post of great help.Even if you are not keen on updating your wardrobe every year, read on.Keeping updated with the latest fashion news never hurt anyone.


Okay so we'll start with the Pantone colour of the year. Now, we're already aware that Pantone has declared Ultra Violet the colour of this year. So expect to see a lot of purple and Lavender hues everywhere. So when you are shopping, try to get your hands on some violet for your wardrobe. But hey, if you despise purple in any form, its totally fine to avoid them. Its fashion; it will change again. So what the heck. You do you 

Sheer and mesh

Okay so this is probably the biggest trend we will be seeing this year. The sheer trend started somewhere around mid 2017 and it is here to stay for a long run. See through tops with bralettes are taking over the fashion world by storm. You may also want to get some fishnet stockings. Its already spring and summer is just around the corner. Do not be afraid to go bold.

Embroidery and patchwork

This trend too has started last year and is still going strong. Even bolder i daresay. Huge floral prints, embroidered florals, quirky patchwork- you can find them everywhere, from tops to jackets to jeans. 2018 is definitely the year to get quirky.


We started spotting sequins and bling everywhere by the end of 2017. I am positive this is gonna be all the rage this year. And not just clothes, sparkle is everywhere. From eye makeup to shoes to even hair. 2018 should be the year for you to shine bright, quite literally 

Saint Laurent

Crop tops

Well you would expect them to finally be over. They seem to have been here since ages. But no, crop tops are not going anywhere anytime soon. And what more, they have become bolder than ever before.

Lace up tops

Another favourite by the people are the lace up tops/bodysuits. You may think they have done everything they possibly could to a top but no,they come up with something even better and you are left wondering how? What are these people? Gods? 

Beret hats

You've probably been seeing them everywhere. And why not; when berets are the trend this year.Everyone's wearing a beret since fall 2017.This has to be the biggest accessory trend this year.


This was one of the biggest trends of 2017.And will probably continue this year. Can we be more pleased about that? After all fashion without those painful heels are a dream come true. Ditch your stilettos, grab your sneakers and pajamas/workout clothes and still look like the chicest girl in town. What a time to be alive 

Fanny packs

weirdest of them all is the fanny pack. The biggest fashionistas are recently seen with fanny packs around the waist and we wonder why? Probably because it is in. Well I personally do not know how to feel about this but hey, if the queens say so who are we to question?
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These are a few trends that are gonna rule this year. Also I would like to mention here that chokers are already out. You may hardly ever see them at all. And the off shoulder trend, well it had a really long inning but it is slowly gonna bid us goodbye this year. If you too are a big fan of the cold shoulder trend like me, you may want to wear your cute tops and dresses you got last year, a few more times before they are completely gone out of fashion.

That's all for today folks.If you find some of these trends too bold to wear, I am gonna show you some modest versions of wearing these trends this year.Until next time,


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