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Sheer happiness

Hey there,
How have you been? I have never been better. Why?  For the only reason that it's spring ☀️. I am a Spring child. There's no other season i love except for the spring. Though just in a few days, it's going to get really really hot; especially because I live in North India.
Anyway, I am back with another outfit post. The first summer outfit of 2018. I am so proud of my photographer. Isn't he amazing? Check out the pictures.

On one of my previous posts (read here), i promised you guys i would show you how I am wearing the hottest trends of 2018. So here I am with my favourite - the sheer/see-through trend. There's something about the lacy texture that instantly makes your outfit several times sexier, isn't it? But how do we wear it? All the big bloggers out there are wearing it with bralets and oh boy! They look so HOT! But hey hey! Not all of us are bold enough to actually wear a bralet and strut around the city, right? You do not necessarily have to. You can wear those sheer tops with fitted crop tops(like me in this post) or with spaghetti strapped tops or tube tops.

You can also opt for tops/dresses with sheer sleeves. Believe me when I say this, the sheer trend is here to stay for a long time. You may want to get your hands on some sheer love too. Shein has the best mesh tops. However the one I am wearing is from Benoit, and oh my God it was love at first sight. Benoit does not have a huge collection though. I am wearing it with a distressed shorts which i got from Shein. Basically, Shein has really amazing stuff. So if you are planning to go bold this year with the sheer trend, Shein is the place to shop from.

That's all for today, people. Let me know how you want to wear this trend. Also, keep loving me. I love you all. Until next time, 


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