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Farewell Winters

Hey you, 
How have you been? It's officially Spring now and i cannot be happier. I was already getting tired of all the winter outfits. 
Now, even though this is a winter OOTD as well, i am happy this is the last of the season. 😄

I like today's outfit, even though my photographer said I looked like a school girl 😂, but hey,  who's complaining. I kinda like school uniforms. Also there are more pictures than usual today because they came out so well 😁
Here, have a look and let me know what you think of this. 

Okay so I am wearing an off shoulder striped dress which i layered with a white shirt and a trench coat. I have then styled the outfit with fishnet leggings,thick black stockings and boots. Oh and i am also wearing silver hoops and red lipstick. And i tied my hair into a sleek braid.

In case you're wondering how the collar of the shirt looks like that, well, I pinned it to my dress to make it look like this.

I hope you love today's outfit as much as I do. Keep loving and stay blessed. Until next time,



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