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Hey you!
How is 2018 treating you? Are your resolutions still going strong? Keep going. This will be worth it. Even if you have weakened a few times, don't make that a habit. Its okay to have a few bad days. Just don't make it a bad week which will eventually turn into a bad month, then a bad year. And you will waste another beautiful year. Be strong. You can do it. Also remember to be more kind and grateful. 
A black outfit is always gorgeous. Having a dark soul is not. 😛 I wish you have the darkest of outfits but the most pristine soul. Have a wonderful day you! 
And now have a look at today's outfit post. 

You may have probably seen this crop top in a few of my recent instagram posts. Yup I am totally in love with it. 

That's all for today folks.  Stay blessed. I love you all. 


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