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To new beginnings 🍷🍷

Hey there,

How have you been? I am doing okay.So new blog name huh! Why this sudden change you ask?Well I don’t know why I even named it Golden Aurel in the first place.The name suggested nothing that related to fashion.It just wouldn’t fit right no matter how much I wanted it to.I have pondered over all the pros and cons of changing my blog name atleast a hundred times.But then I decided to finally take the leap no matter what.And that’s how 50 SHADES OF VOGUE was born.Except for the fact that I also had to change my email,URL, search console,google analytics and what not, I also had to create an all new Facebook Page.I did appeal facebook to let me just change the name of my old facebook page, but they didn’t let me *sob sob*.

Well I did change the Instagram profile name.You may visit the contacts page to follow my new social media sites’ links.

Now back to today’s outfit post.I had this shoot way before I finally decided to do the much dreaded task.So the pictures have the old blog name as the watermark.Have a look and let me know what you think.

That's all folks.I will be back super soon.Till then, keep sending me all your love.



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