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classy, sassy and a little bad assy

 Clever as the devil and twice as pretty                                                                                                                                                                                                           
 Hey you,
How have you been?So, winter is here huh?I have this love hate relationship with the winters since like forever.I absolutely hate the chills but so in love with the jackets and the boots and the trench coats.And then you get Christmas and then comes new year and it gets all very pretty.But the cold winter winds,ah those motherfucking winds I tell ya.

But hey you get to wear those sassy leather jackets.And all is right with the world as soon as you strut out in that gorgeous thing.

Coming to today's outfit post now.I wore a black lace up top with my distressed boyfriend jeans and a black leather jacket.If you haven't got a lace up top already go buy it right now.This looks so bad ass,you got to have one.Okay so I paired mine with a shredded boyfriend jeans.Oh and I also wore a fishnet tights underneath.Do not miss out on those fingerless gloves.I have accessorised with my brown round shades and black heels.Check out the pictures.           

Okay so I don't know what's wrong with my face.Seriously.For once in my life I want to make a really bad ass face.I really tried.I just could not get it right.Why oh why can I not look like a bad ass bitch for once?😭😭

Anyway if you can rock that super bad ass girl face, here's where you can shop for the look.

That's all for today people.Until next time stay classy,sassy and a little bad assy.


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