SHEIN -Your Online Fashion Two-piece

Pristine Love

No love is as overwhelming and as pristine, 
As the maiden love of a lass, say of sixteen. 
When, like closed petals of a bud she begins to unfold 
Herself, blossoming into a fragrant rose or marigold. 

Hello there, 
I am back again with another outfit post. This time its one of my favorite colours- white. So serene so quiet. That's the beauty of white. Oh hey!  That rhymes :D
So i am wearing a white off shoulder crop top with a printed midi skirt and wedges. Oh and those pretty ruffles on the top. Isn't it the cutest? Looks like we are never getting over this cold shoulder trend. 
Here's the pictures. Have a look. 

That will be all for today. Will be back super soon again. Till then, keep smiling. 


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