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TREND ALERT : Slogan Tees

Look who's talking!! Your tees.Oh yes, the slogan tees are gonna be all the rage this year.Witty,funny,humorous or just plain sarcastic- your Tshirts are gonna do all the talking for you this spring.

Hi everyone! 
It's been a while since I posted about something on the trend radar.Anyhoo I am back with the latest fad of the year.You're going to see a hell lot of slogans and stuff written over tees everywhere.And do they look cool? Hell yeah ! See for yourself ; take a look at the fashion people speaking their mind with the coolest of tees.

  • Casual slogan tees with a fitted pencil skirt and jacket?Yes please.Perfect way to balance your feminine and cool sides.Add a statement necklace and off you go.

  • Casual skirt too basic for you?Take it up a notch with a sequined skirt.

  • What's the foolproof way to style your slogan tees you ask?Team it with leather.Pair it with leather jackets or leather pants or maybe both and show the world your rocker chic side.

  • Or just pair it with your classic blue jeans, a choker and bright red lips.

  • Twinning with bae in cute matching slogan tees is the mushiest way to show him off  😉😉

  • Pair it with your distressed shorts.Trust me, you don't need another thing to make you look cooler.

  • Or your distressed jeans.
  • You  can totally wear a slogan Tshirt dress and turn heads wherever you go.

  • Get creative while you speak your mind with your tees.

Dress it up or down, a casual tee will never be wrong.This totally cool trend is here to stay ladies.You better stock up your wardrobe.Check out these totally cool ones available online.

Shop slogan tees online :



 That's all for today folks.Will see you soon.Stay blessed.


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