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Hey you guys! Happy  Bijaya Dashami. Hope you had an amazing time this Navratri .Feasting on delicacies,pandal hopping and going crazy with friends and family-isn’t that what navratri is all about?It definitely is the festive time of the year.But are the festivals just about eating and spending?Or there is more to it which we often overlook?I am not going to bore you with the mythological stories behind the festivals(which we already know).But I want you to take a moment and think-aren’t we all like Devi Durga (irrespective of our gender) fighting our own demons?But are we all courageous enough like Her? Do we have faith that we can overcome our battles one day and triumph over all evil?This bijaya dashami I want you all to take inspiration from Devi Durga and re-learn these three lessons.


‘I wish I were *this*’
‘I wish you treated me right.’
‘I wish I were happy.’
‘I wish it didn’t have to hurt so much.’
Wishes ! Oh how I wish it was that easy to have our wishes granted.But life doesn’t come with a wishing well where you can just drop your pennies and make all your wishes come true.It is a fight; and only the ones who dare,win.

I read this beautiful line somewhere-Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.Seriously people, Stop wishing. Start doing.Have the courage and faith that you can overcome your demons.You have the power.You are the Shakti.Do not let your gender or age limit your abilities.Remember Devi Durga alone was enough to defeat the evil Mahisasur.Courage is the first step to triumph.When you are courageous enough to take the step,half the battle is already in your favour.But when you do not have the courage,You can easily be defeated.

Fear is inevitable.It is very normal to be afraid.But only when you do not let fear take over your strength and will, you succeed.It is always the first step that is the most difficult of them all.Believe you can and you will.


So what next? You took inspiration and you dared to fight.But why are you suffering yet?Where’s the success you were promised?Why is victory not even anywhere near sight?It is! It is nearer than it was yesterday but far enough for you to see it coming yet.Do not lose hope.Persevere.Fight.Keep fighting.You have come this far.You can definitely go farther.Remember even the Goddess fought for nine days before she could finally defeat the monster.Wonder how the world would have been had she given up on the eighth day?

There will be stones on the way.Yes you will stumble down.Yes you will bruise your knees.But No you won’t give up.You are gonna get up,dust yourself,roll up the sleeves and get going.what if its’s not the stones that made you fall?What if the door was slammed right in your face?Well maybe that wasn’t the right door after all.Try knocking on the other one.There will definitely be one that will open for you.The secret is to keep looking,keep going and never giving up.


Ho la! You did it.Isn’t this the most satisfying feeling ever? Remember the pain?How unbearable it was?How does it feel now to have healed?Remember the bully you feared?Well you just showed him that he isn’t going to have it the easy way.Remember his face when you defeated him?That’s how victory feels like people.No matter which stage of the struggle you are in right now,always remember there are gonna be better days.You will smile again.And that smile will shine enough to blind a thousand suns.

Okay enough of serious talks.Its Bijaya Dashami people.Enjoy! Celebrate! After all that’s the best part about festivals.Just one more tiny little thing to keep in mind ladies.Remember you too are a Durga.And so is your mother,daughter and friend.And whenever you feel the ladies in your life giving up, remind them this little thing- You are the Adi Shakti.And to the gentlemen reading this article- treat the ladies in your life like you would treat the Goddess.Respect her, believe in her and support her.And together you can fight all evils.
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On my face- Ponds white beauty BB+ cream,maybelline new york white superfresh compact, lakmé face sheer highlighter
On my eyes- maybelline new york colossal kajal super black,lakmé 9 to 5 eye color quartet,
On my lips-Lakmé absolute matte Red Envy 

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