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If you were to name the most essential item of all the wardrobe essentials, it has to be the LBD i.e. the little black dress.Why is that?Think about it-

You have a first date and you are already running late.Which clothing item will you trust that will help you get dressed in 15 minutes and also make his jaws drop?the LBD.

You have a formal party to attend.Which dress are you gonna pick?the LBD or maybe a black gown.

It’s the day to meet his folks.You really want them to like you.What will be your go to choice?The LBD.Or maybe a kurti if his parents are too conservative.

Its your first day at work.You do not know the dress code they follow.What will you wear?A LBD perhaps(with a blazer)?Or maybe a black pencil skirt.

You see what I mean?Unless it is your wedding,you can wear the LBD whenever and wherever you want.You can dress up or dress down with a LBD as the need arises.It deserves to be the one piece of your wardrobe you cannot do without.

You must already know that black is associated with mourning in most countries.They say It was not worn on regular days until in the 1920s when the black dress became a fashion statement after coco chanel published a picture in LBD in the American VOGUE.VOGUE also predicted that the LBD was going to be the fashion uniform; no wonder why we trust VOGUE.

You cannot talk about the little black dress and not mention Audrey Hepburn.She was the one who taught us the elegance of the black dress and still continues to be our fashion inspiration.The elegance and class that used to reflect in her black dresses still amaze us after all this time.

After the 90s, there were several changes made in the fabric, design and silhouette of the LBD.And now we have so many different varieties of the black dress apt for every occasion.Make sure your wardrobe does not lack this essential piece.Invest in a few quality LBDs.They will last you for ages.
Today’s OOTD post is all about the little black dress.Scroll down to see the pictures.

outfit details :

Dress-KOOVS   Heels-KOOVS  Glasses-Titan eye+  Watch-Timex  Bag-Zilleria

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