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Do you cringe at the thought of wearing flounce? Would you rather wear a crisp button down than a ruffled blouse to work?Do you think frills make you look like a toddler?Well this post might be a little help in overcoming your fears related to anything frilly.

Ruffles : A description

Frills,ruffles and flounce are strips of fabric attached to a garment which are tightly stitched at one end and the other end is left loose so that it creates a wavy frilly look.

Why wear ruffles?

Because they are feminine and sexy.And no,they do not make you look like a little girl if you know how to style them right(which is exactly why I wrote this article).And not to mention how huge they are on trend this year.

DOs and DONTs of wearing ruffles

  •   One thing to keep in mind about ruffles is that they add a lot of volume.You definitely don’t wanna look bigger in the areas where you are already generously blessed.So if you have bigger bosom  avoid frilled tops.Similarly,if you are wider on the hips,try not to wear bottom with ruffles
  • Ruffles are loud ladies.Remember  to keep the rest of your outfit subtle and fitted.Wearing a ruffled top?Great.Pair it with a fitted jeans or A-line skirt.Vice versa, if you are planning to wear ruffled bottoms make sure your top is fitted.You don't want to go crazy with frills lest you might end up looking like cinderella's evil sisters.
    See how Sonakshi styled her ruffled crop top with a fitted skirt
  •          Ruffles are statement pieces.Go easy with the accessories.Let the frills do the talking.

  •    Ruffles are great to show off a little skin.Wear a ruffled off shoulder top,one shoulder top or a crop top and  look like a fashionista.
  •         Ruffles made of soft flowing fabrics are good for a daytime look whereas stiff ruffles will make heads turn at a night event
  •          If you like ruffles but are sceptical about wearing them as a garment ,you can always have fun with ruffled scarves and accessories
  •     A ruffled blouse makes you look very elegant and professional and you can totally wear them to your office.
  • Malaika and Karishma look very gorgeous in ruffled blouses, don't they?

How to wear ruffles right(according to you body type)


If you are blessed with proportionate bust and bottom with a slender waist make sure your clothes follow the natural curves of your body.Avoid adding heavy frills.light flounce off shoulder tops will complement your body type.A drop waist top should look good too since the ruffles begin where your waist ends,hence enhancing your natural curve line.

Pear shaped

If you are bottom heavy with narrow shoulders,you want something to add more volume to your upper body,a slimming effect on the bottom and something to elongate your figure to make it look more in proportion.Wear ruffles on the top.That will add volume to your narrow shoulders.Pair them with A line skirts.Avoid short tight skirts though.They are only going to make you look shorter and heavier.You can wear vertical ruffles in the bottom to give an illusion of height.

Apple shaped

If you are top heavy with lean butts,you should totally avoid heavy stiff ruffles on the top.Instead opt for ruffled bottoms.


If you are born with a tiny frame, you may want to wear clothes that give the illusion of height.Avoid stiff heavy ruffled top or bottom.They will make you appear shorter.Vertical ruffles or ruffles running diagonally will make you look taller.Wear a solid dark coloured maxi dress to appear longer.


If your bust,waist and hips are almost the same size,you can get your wild side on while styling ruffles.Heavy,mild or subtle all kinds of ruffles will flatter your body shape.wear a peplum top to define your waist.Or you can wear a ruffled crop top to show off your slender waist.

Wear a ruffled crop top like prachi desai

And you thought ruffles are only western wear? Jacqueline shows us how to wear traditional ruffles.
All images source : google

Now that you know how to wear them right,why not ditch your fears and grab some frills for yourself too?Here's where you can buy them online.


That's all folks.See you soon with another post.Till then keep shopping.XOXO,


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