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So you are not particularly smitten by the latest trends that keep on changing twice a year? Or maybe classy is your style? Whatever be the reason, I suppose if you are reading this post you are more interested in looking polished and sophisticated. Well the good news is that classy never goes out of fashion. I mean NEVER. After the next fashion week? NOPE. After this season? NOPE. After you turn 40? NEVER. If classy and sophisticated is your personal style, it is going to stick with you forever(not unless you want to change it).

So how do we look sophisticated? Do we have to spend a bomb on clothes and accessories to look expensive? Do we have to look boring? Do we need to ditch the latest trends forever? The answer to all these questions is one big NO. So how exactly do we transform our wardrobe in order to look classy but also follow the latest trends without making a big hole in our pockets. Read on..

P.S. The points below are equally relevant to men and women.

  • First of all make sure your clothes fit you perfectly. Not a size bigger. Not a size smaller. Your clothes should look tailor made for you. Get them altered if need arises. But never step out of the house looking like you borrowed your clothes from your sibling(who is not your size).

Did you notice how every outfit Kate wears fits her like second skin?Fitting is the key.

  • Always keep your clothes well maintained. No loose hems, no torn areas, no damaged zips. This is where you  can use a tailor. It takes only a few bucks to get the buttons and the zips stitched back in place. But the difference it makes to the overall look is worth a million bucks.

  • Keep your clothes clean and your shoes polished. No matter how costly your outfit is, If it isn’t neat, it’s not worth it. The key to looking polished always is to make sure your clothes and shoes are clean.

What clothes should I wear?

Colours and pattern

  • The colours that instantly scream elegance are black, blue, navy, white, grey, tan, beige etc. However it is not necessarily important that you have to limit your wardrobe to these colours only. Even bright colours look elegant if the rest of the outfit is toned down by neutral colours. If you are covered from head to toe in shades of pink, you will only end up looking like Barbie(and that is not a very pretty sight in grown up ladies).

Do you see how Kate toned down a bright coloured dress with nude pumps?Can you imagine how it would have looked had she paired it with some bright coloured shoes.Hideous right?Pairing right is the key ladies.

  • Although solid colours are easier to make you look elegant, but you can even wear prints and patterns and look equally classy. You just have to learn what prints go together and which ones do not. I will make sure I write another post on ‘pairing prints’ soon. However some safe prints you can wear to look timeless are hounds tooth, checkered and stripes.

  • Quality and fabrics

    • Wearing clothes with good quality is the key to looking classy.Make sure the fabric is of good quality.You do not necessarily have to splurge on high end brands.Instead look for brands that make quality items at reasonable prices.
    • Cotton,linen,silk are fabrics that make classic styling easier and better.Again maintenance is the key.A well maintained silk will last you for years.Whatever the fabric,make sure you keep it well maintained.

    How do I accessorise?

    • Accessories play a major role in making your outfit look put together.However when you are planning on dressing classy, you need to make sure your accessories are not very loud.Keep your jewellery minimal and delicate.
    • Invest in timeless jewellery like pearl studs,dainty gold chains,a modest looking branded watch etc.They definitely cost a lot but they are timeless pieces that are never going to be out of style or size.You can cherish them forever.Besides cheaper accessories not only wear out much sooner,they also make an otherwise classy outfit look very trashy.
    • Similarly invest in good quality bags.They are going to last really long.Buying 1 pricey classic black leather bag is way more economic than buying 10 cheaper ones.

    What shoes should I wear?

    Here's a little fact.Did you know the first thing a person subconciously notices the first time you meet them are your shoes.Isn't it obvious how important shoes are in making a good first impression?

    • Wear classic leather or suede shoes.They are timeless wardrobe collection.
    • Have basic stilettoes or pumps both in black and nude.You can pair them with anything under the sun.
    • You can also have some ballerina flats in red or pretty pastel shades.
    • Black ankle boots will last you for years to come.

    Remember you don't need a 100 cheap looking shiny shoes.Invest in a few basic pieces that you can trust and they will be your savior for more years than you can count.

    A few staple pieces to add to your collection..

    Although there's no limit to all the clothes and shoes we ladies need, still here's a list of a few classic pieces that will stay with you for years.Make sure you spend in quality items.
    • A little black dress
    • A classic white button down
    • A black pencil skirt
    • A beige trenchcoat 
    • Classic black stilletoes
    • Nude pumps
    • A bling clutch for the party nights
    • A black leather handbag
    • A blazer that fits 
    • A silk blouse in your preferred colour
    • Pearl studs
    • A classic watch
    • Black ankle boots

    A few points to keep in mind..

    • Wear subtle makeup.Don't go bare faced.But also make sure that your makeup doesn't scream for attention.You can always do a smokey eye though.But keep your lips subtle if you are going with smokey eyes.Similarly red lipstick oomphs up your classic look but only when you remember to keep your eyes simple.
    • Wear perfume.But not a very strong one.A mild feminine cologne should be your trusted scent.
    • Keep yourself up to date about the colour of the season and keep updating your wardrobe with latest pieces of classy items.
    • Do not overexpose your body.Ofcourse this does not mean you can't look sexy.But know how to expose right.Flaunt the areas you are proud of but make sure you do not show too much skin at a time.If you are wearing a dress for a party that shows your clevage,make sure it is a maxi dress so that it covers your legs.Similarly,if you are showing off your legs keep your upper body covered.A crop top with a micro mini skirt is not something you want to wear together if you want to keep it classy.

    Take inspiration from venessa hudgens in this pic.Her top exposes a lot of her bosom,but the rest of the outfit is completely covered.

    • Keep your hands and feet manicured and moisturised.Rough scaly hands and worn off nailpaints can mar your complete look.
    • Keep your hair clean and well brushed.Make a tidy hairstyle that suits your face.
    • And last but not the least,remember to smile.Do not swear.Have a good posture.Keep your cool and remember your manners.

    There you go.Classy as hell.oops! Not the language of a sophisticated lady.I guess I need to work on me first. 😜

     Now take some style inspiration from the classy diva of the decade- Kate Middleton and a few others.

    Take style lessons from lauren conrad.See how well she paired everything from the same colour family?

    When I think of classy and bollywood together,the first name that strikes my mind is Madhuri Dixit.You can hardly ever see her looking anything but classy.

    There's a reason Sonam is called the fashion queen of bollywood.And here's she gracefully upholding the title and giving us major classic ethnic goals.

    Here is Sophie chowdhary looking like a classy badass boss babe.

    All images source google

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    If you have any more questions or suggestions you can always ask in the comments below or you can even email me.XOXO,


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