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A woman can never have too many shoes .

Okay I may not be a total Carrie Bradshaw,but I am definitely a shoe girl.Oh how I wish I could have all the shoes in the world.And a closet-a shoe closet.A walk- in shoe closet to be precise.Okay okay, I wish I were Carrie Bradshaw.Aren’t we all the same?😀 But blame it on budget or how unconventional it is, this dream of ours remains a dream.Or worse we end up buying every shoe that catches our eyes or is in sale which later we discover are either way too uncomfortable or does not go with the clothes we have.

So how do we build a smart wardrobe?One that has all the basic necessities and does not make us go broke?I have a few tips for you to follow the next time you get your hands on those gorgeous stilletos you’ve been eyeing since ages.Follow these and you will not regret shoe shopping ever.

Remember to always buy shoes from a store.Avoid online shopping.Or if you really like something online, know your exact size and make sure they have easy return/exchange policies.

Always try on the new shoes before buying.Walk a few steps in them and see if they are comfortable,do not bite,and fit you perfectly.

See if they are in your budget.Do not go broke trying to look glam.

Also make sure they do not look very cheap.Shiny leather,bad stitches are things that make a shoe look tacky and cheap.

Ask yourself- Do I really need these?What clothes do I have that I can pair with these shoes.Make sure you can think of at least five different outfits.

That’s all.If a shoe ticks all the check-boxes mentioned above,go grab them. 😄 .

However there are a few basic shoe closet essentials.Which means you can pair them with a lot of outfits and they never go out of fashion.So it is always better to invest in these pairs.You can even spend your entire life in these shoes alone.

A pair of classic black pumps:

I cannot think of something more important than black pumps.There are endless ways you can wear these.With your LBD,Narrow jeans,summer dresses,Jumpsuits,Formal skirts,nightclubs,and what not! You can wear them to work,to parties,to formal events;literally everywhere.Classic black pumps are the most essential shoe of a woman’s closet.

A pair of nude heels:

Why nude?Mainly because it makes your legs appear longer.And also that is a neutral colour so you do not have to worry if they go with a particular outfit or is too loud for a occasion.Definitely an investment piece.

Wedges :

Why wedges?Because they are heels and they are comfortable.Isn’t that the dream?Buy one in a neutral colour so that you can wear them very often.

Boots :

For the winters and for that grunge look you wanted to do.I prefer chelsea boots(ankle length) but you can buy the OTK(over the knee) ones if that’s your style.Buy them in black or brown.


For the days when you have to run around a lot.You can wear your sneakers all year round.

Espadrilles or loafers:

Now,unless you are Rihanna ,you cannot do all the running errands in heels,can you?That is why you need espadrilles or loafers(whichever you prefer more).Perfect for everyday, you can wear these buddies with jeans,shorts as well as dresses.

Ballet flats:

If you are into a more feminine form of flats,you can opt for ballet flats.They too can be worn with jeans,dresses and shorts.

Flat sandals or gladiator flats :

For the hot summer days when you want your feet to breathe, you will need these.

Flip flops :

For the beaches,pools or really sultering hot weather.Also here’s a tip:wear your flip flops when you drive and change to the heels when you reach that party.Not only its safe on the road but will also save your dying feet when you are returning back from the event.

I guess that should be all you need for a complete shoe closet.You will never again wonder what shoes to wear with a particular outfit.Before buying that turquoise stilleto that you really love,make sure you have these basic pairs.You can thank me later maybe with that turquoise beauty you have been eyeing 😉 .


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