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Better than soap featuring Vivel by ITC

Let’s talk bathing essentials today, shall we? When I mention a nice soothing shower, what comes to your mind? Pretty smelling shampoos, bath bombs and… soaps? But, why do use soaps when there is a better and more convenient option? Yes! We’re talking about body washes! Body washes are such a blessing which is why I have switched to the new Vivel range of body washes. Have you been using traditional old soaps for a really long time? I know most of you will say yes to this which is why you all need to read this. Don’t you think it's high time we upgrade our bathing experience and switch to body washes? Not convinced, yet? Hold on! I can give you at least five reasons why body washes are a lot better than soaps. Read on to know what I am talking about! No slippage: I have lost count of the number of times I have dropped and  broken my soap in the shower. As clumsy as I may be, I know I’m not the only one to have experienced this. Is it not way easier to just add a little dollop of bod…
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